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Humidity can kill… your A/C

After the bone-chilling cold in January of 2018, it looks like January of 2019 may be shaping up to be warmer and wetter than usual here in Southeast Louisiana. With that, as anyone who lives here knows, comes increased moisture in the air, also known as HUMIDITY.

Humidity isn’t just something that makes us feel sticky and miserable when its warm out or popsicle-frozen when its cold, though. Humidity can actually make your heating and air conditioning system work less efficiently, especially if your system hasn’t had its annual checkup or is otherwise dirty and in need of a professional cleaning.

The truth is, your central air and heat system is designed to remove water from the air. That’s part of its job. However, when the humidity is terribly high (like it often is in these parts), many systems simply can’t cope, especially if they were never correctly adjusted for your home and usage patterns. And when humidity is too high inside, your home will feel warmer or cooler than it actually is. Not only that, but high moisture in the air can be a troublesome catalyst for the growth of nasty molds inside your ducts, where you can’t see them but they can definitely affect you and your family’s health.

So, how do you know when it may be time to call out a professional? Here are some general tips:

  • Does the air feel moist in your home? Your skin might even feel ‘clammy’ when you’re inside and papers or other documents might not feel ‘crisp’ when you handle them.
  • Do you have fogged up windows on inside-facing portion of the windows in your house? This could be a sign of excess humidity.
  • Is there a musty or moldy odor? You may already be facing a mold problem and it’s probably best to call us out right away.
  • Does it just not seem to get cold enough or warm enough in your home?

If any of these problems are plagueing you, humidity may be the culprit and that may mean your system is due for a check-up, adjustment, and or repair. Some of these issues are easy fixes and won’t break your budget, either…if you catch them early enough, that is.

So why wait? Let our helpful and friendly team schedule an appointment with you to come out to your home, diagnose the issue and get you and your family comfortable, and your home dry and healthy, once again!

Call us today at the numbers on this page, email us at, or use our handy Contact Page to send an appointment request to us and we’ll be at your house sooner than you think!

PLUS, if you mention our special discount code BLOG1901 when you request or schedule your appointment, we’ll give you a special web-only discount on ANY services performed!

Don’t be uncomfortable or let a potential mold issue grow inside your home – call us today!

Winter is HERE!

Wintery tree near New Orleans
Winter is here! Will it be icy or warm??

December 21 was the first day of winter, and here in Louisiana that can mean freezing nights and warm days.

You need to make sure your heating and cooling system is up to the task! Make sure you and your family stay warm (or cool!) during this winter season with an affordable, easy pre-season check.

The constant temperature fluctuation can be hard on your entire home comfort system. Our pre-season check makes sure your system is clean, functional, safe, and in good working order to both heat and cool your home as needed through this entire period. Even better, if our highly-skilled technicians find anything that needs to be adjusted, professionally cleaned, or repaired, we can make sure that happens quickly and affordably – many times in the same visit!

So, give us a call today, or contact us on the web or by email at to schedule your appointment. We’ll get back to you fast and set you up with your affordable, peace-of-mind, pre-season check.

Let Air-Kare take care of you and your family this winter season!

Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year from all of us at Air-Kare!

From our family to yours…


From our family to yours at this very special time of year, we at Air-Kare wish you and your loved ones a happy, safe, and joyous Christmas filled with family, warmth, laughter, and happiness.

I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Did you know: a dirty A/C can cost you!

It’s true: as dirt and dust build up over time in your air conditioning unit, the efficiency of your home cooling system will begin to deteriorate. You’ll find the comfort level in your home plummeting and your energy costs rising. If it gets bad enough, dirt can actually damage your air conditioner. If you’ve been noticing your unit’s efficiency creeping away from you, Air-Kare can check it out!

Our licensed and certified technicians know how to check your system to its fullest, finding the dirt and debris that can cause low performance, high energy bills, and even damage to your system.

Let us help you today!  Give us a call at the numbers to the right, or go to