Winter is HERE!

Wintery tree near New Orleans
Winter is here! Will it be icy or warm??

December 21 was the first day of winter, and here in Louisiana that can mean freezing nights and warm days.

You need to make sure your heating and cooling system is up to the task! Make sure you and your family stay warm (or cool!) during this winter season with an affordable, easy pre-season check.

The constant temperature fluctuation can be hard on your entire home comfort system. Our pre-season check makes sure your system is clean, functional, safe, and in good working order to both heat and cool your home as needed through this entire period. Even better, if our highly-skilled technicians find anything that needs to be adjusted, professionally cleaned, or repaired, we can make sure that happens quickly and affordably – many times in the same visit!

So, give us a call today, or contact us on the web or by email at to schedule your appointment. We’ll get back to you fast and set you up with your affordable, peace-of-mind, pre-season check.

Let Air-Kare take care of you and your family this winter season!

Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year from all of us at Air-Kare!