Did you know: A dirty A/C can cost you!

It’s true: as dirt and dust build up over time in your air conditioning unit, the efficiency of your home cooling system will begin to deteriorate. You’ll find the comfort level in your home plummeting and your energy costs rising. If it gets bad enough, dirt can actually damage your air conditioner. If you’ve been noticing your unit’s efficiency creeping away from you, Air-Kare can check it out!

Our licensed and certified technicians know how to check your system to its fullest, finding the dirt and debris that can cause low performance, high energy bills, and even damage to your system.

Let us help you today!  Give us a call at the numbers to the right, or go to air-kare.com.

Summer’s Coming – Are You Ready?

Here in Southeast Louisiana, summer is always HOT! Whether you’re mowing your lawn, taking a dip in the pool, or boiling some fresh, spicy crawfish, one thing’s for sure: the heat will be with you! Wouldn’t it be great to know that your home will be cool and refreshing whenever you come in from the heat?

We certainly think so, and with our affordable pre-season check, Air-Kare has the hottest way to help you keep your cool this summer.

Contact us today at the numbers to your right or go to air-kare.com to set up an appointment or talk to a knowledgeable technician about your cooling needs today – before it heats up!